Are hemorrhoids permanent ?

Are hemorrhoids permanent ?.. it’s one of the common questions among many sufferers or patients.

Hemorrhoids can be a recurrent and unpleasant problem if you don’t treat the core problems causing them. There are some people who are more predisposed to having hemorrhoids; for these people, even improving their overall health isn’t enough to keep the condition from returning. This is especially true in people with more than fifty years of age. Pregnant women, overweight people and those with high blood pressure will also be more prone to hemorrhoids. Frequent heavy lifting, diets low in fiber and poor bowel habits also contribute to the risk of hemorrhoids.

You can find many creams and ointments sold to treat hemorrhoids, but in general they only help relieve itching or pain; they don’t cure the question still remains are hemorrhoids permanent at all. To lessen the risk of hemorrhoids you need to increase the amount of fiber in your diet, improve your bowel habits and cut back on heavy lifting as much as possible.

If you understand the causes of hemorrhoids, you can help keep the condition in control for sure. During a hemorrhoid break-out, by all means use creams to help lessen your discomfort, but understand that these topical ointments only offer temporary relief. Depending on how severe your hemorrhoids are, your only option for a real cure may be surgical removal, although doctors do offer some alternative treatments can natural hometreat ment (like venapro – it uses naututal ingridients only )after consulting your doctor.

Are hemorrhoids permanent or is it cureable ?

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Any choice you make will come with its pros and cons, so make sure you check with your doctor and learn as much as possible before coming to a decision.

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