35-Degrees Defecation Posture Benefits and solutions

Wrong defecating posture has some health implications in the long run, causing issues such s hemorrhages, anal fissures, varicose veins and hernias. 35-Degrees_Defecation_Posture

One of the major benefits of maintaining a 35-Degrees Defecation Posture when eliminating is that bowel movements become easier and faster, as strain is reduced on the involved rectal muscles. This allows reduction in obstructive forces under there. Well, the disadvantage about the modern toilets that most of us sit on is that you can hardly maintain the right posture while seated on the toilet. This posture can be better achieved by someone in a squatting position.

This posture will reduce one’s hemorrhoid or piles problem ..

Solution for 35-Degrees Defecation

Just using a small tool with your conventional toilet. or using a product as below.

One can get 35 – degree posture in the bathroom through a product named “One such easyGOpro 7.5” . this product help to raise your knees to a location near your chest so that the 35 – degree angle is achieved. It will ensure your easy and healthy bowel elimination as the colon is opened up with the relaxation of rectal muscles and reduced pressure. Additionally, the easyGOpro is equipped with a compact design and made from lightweight material with an elegant finish. you can check the product in amazon.

Among the various mentioned benefits of the 35-Degrees Defecation Posture is that passing stool with the help of a foot stool in the sitting toilet potion becomes easier, thus problems such as rectal fissures and hemorrhages are eliminated. The other good point is that a toilet stool such as the easyGOpro may costs very low but in return for better defecation experiences and fewer health concerns related to elimination of stool. Overall, the toilet stool is well worth the money.

This can be quite a beneficial message when passed on to a friend or a close person.

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