35-Degrees Defecation Posture Benefits and solutions

Wrong defecating posture has some health implications in the long run, causing issues such s hemorrhages, anal fissures, varicose veins and hernias.  One of the major benefits of maintaining a 35-Degrees Defecation Posture when eliminating is that bowel movements become easier and faster, as strain is reduced on the involved rectal muscles. This allows reduction in … Read more

what exercise is good for hemorrhoid? exercise after hemorrhoid surgery. 

If you are a hemorrhoid patient and have had surgery then this article is exactly for you. Some exercises are good for post hemorrhoid surgery condition. These exercises help you heal properly by regulating your blood flow through the rectum and anal veins. So, would you like to know, what exercise is good for hemorrhoid? … Read more

hemorrhoid and back pain – is there any relations ?

Can hemorrhoid cause back pain? Hemorrhoids can be the starting point of different other physical problems. Hemorrhoid besides causing your body damage it causes bleeding which itself is risky for your health. Because rectal bleeding can cause easy and direct pollution or contamination in your blood. Rectal bleeding, if neglected, often ends up in severe … Read more

5 Common hemorrhoids symptoms !

most common Hemorrhoids Symptoms Hemorrhoid is a medical condition wherein the blood vessels found in the rectal tissues become inflamed and swollen. Medical experts classify hemorrhoids into two types: internal and external. Hemorrhoids symptoms depend on what type is present. Patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids typically have painless bleeding in the rectum while those suffering … Read more

Do hemorrhoids heal naturally

 Do hemorrhoids heal naturally ? or Are hemorrhoids permanent ? Hemorrhoids are the swollen and painful veins of the lower portion of the rectum or anus. The other causes that are responsible for Hemorrhoids are: Extending bowel movement, Constipation, sitting a long time, infection of the Anal or other certain diseases. The symptoms of the Hemorrhoids are: … Read more