Health benefits of Oat Straw !

Oat Straw (one of the ingredients of Venapro ) heals osteoporosis, mends bones, and relieves cramps and goes ahead to strengthen teeth

The 2000 edition of Integrative Herbal Communication that was led by M. Blumenthal did produce a clinical study. This team of scientists was able to clearly demonstrate that oat straw (avena sativa) rouses the release of luteinizing hormones in rats.oatstraw

It was witnessed how a rise in luteinizing hormone goes ahead to trigger ovulation in females and triggers testosterone in males. A number of herbalists are of the suggestion that oat straw should be added as part of a bone-building protocol since it has been proven that luteinizing hormones boost hormone levels that stimulate cell growth.

Oat straw’s high calcium as well as mineral content highly that promotes strength in the bones. The late master herbalist Dr. John R Christopher came up with a plant-based calcium formula which could be consumed orally in capsule form or its grounded version that could be consumed like tea.

The herbal formula (calcium) was traditionally used in the healing of broken bones, nerve sheaths; relieve muscle cramps, teeth and the strengthening of blood vessels. This herb was combined with oat straw, the calcium formula that carries within it horsetail, lobelia and comfrey root.

Oat straws help in the reduction of anxiety as well as the strengthening of nerves.

The controversial German Commission E in a publication dated October 1987 stated that oat straw can as well be used as a nervine herb.

Since then, the German government went ahead and commissioned oat straw extract as an ideal and effective herbal remedy that deals with stress and anxiety. This is brought about by the high vitamin B complex content that is carried within the herb.

Oat straw’s calming qualities go-ahead to strengthen nerves thus encouraging quite the restful night’s sleep.

Recently studies have proven how oat straw extract thoroughly improves intellectual capability in the brain.

Two studies that were released back in 2011, went to show how highly oat straw enhances thinking performance. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a clinical study which proved how oat straw extract leads in producing a positive impact on enhanced thinking performance in healthy individuals.

Another Study conducted by JACM revealed how the intake of 1600mg oat straw extract intensely improves attention, focus as well as concentration abilities in elderly persons.

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