Health Benifits of horse chestnut !

One of the ingredients of Venapro is Horse chestnut ! lets know about it ..

Horse chestnut is a plant that has its properties i.e. the seeds, its bark, its leaves and its flower used to make medicine. However, the Horse chestnut plant carries a dangerous poison known as esculin that may lead to death if the plant is consumed when raw.


How does it work?

The horse chestnut is a substance which thins the blood. When consumed it forms a viscosity form which makes it extremely hard for fluid to leak from veins and capillaries. It is also known to cause feeble fluid loss via urine as it helps in the prevention of water retention thus causing edema.


  • The Horse chestnut plant leaves and seeds are used in the treatment of varicose veins, swollen veins (phlebitis) as well as hemorrhoids. Its seeds are also used in the treatment of fever, enlarged prostate and fever.
  • The seeds can be processed to separate the active chemicals in order to get them concentrated. The extract reached upon is used in nbso the treatment of blood circulation problem known as chronic venous insufficiency.
  • The Horse chestnut leaf is used in the treatment of eczema, joint pain, and menstrual pain, and arthritis, soft tissue swelling from bone fracture, coughs and sprains.
  • The Horse chestnut branch bark is used for the treatment of both dysentery and malaria. People suffering from skin ulcers and lupus apply horse chestnut branch bark on their skins.


It fights off chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins as well as circulatory problems. Consumption of the horse chestnut seed extract significantly reduces symptoms of poor blood circulation such as: varicose veins, water retention, pain, itching, tiredness and swelling in the legs.

 How to use?

Scientific research has reached upon the below dose:


To fight off poor blood circulation also known as chronic venous insufficiency: the patient needs to consume 300mg of horse chestnut seed extract which carries the active ingredient aescin (50mg) two times each day.

NB: Scientists have gone to reveal that studies they conducted found out that horse chestnut seed extract is ideal when it comes to the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. They also hold evidence that horse chestnut seeds are as effective as adorning compression stockings!

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