hemorrhoid and back pain – is there any relations ?

Can hemorrhoid cause back pain?

Hemorrhoids can be the starting point of different other physical problems.
Hemorrhoid besides causing your body damage it causes bleeding which itself is risky for your health. Because rectal bleeding can cause easy and direct pollution or contamination in your blood. Rectal bleeding, if neglected, often ends up in severe health problems like colorectal cancer and anal cancer. So, rectal bleeding must not be ignored since the beginning. Consult your Doctor if you find blood with your stool or during bowel movement.image of hemorrhoid and back pain

Besides these health problems hemorrhoid can also cause you back pain, or act as the root cause of your back pain. Often back pains are neglected and ignored in the beginning stage. Often it happens for sitting in same posture for a long time, obesity, lack of bone density mineral etc.

But Hemorrhoid can also cause back pain. If you have hemorrhoid it is better to be careful from the beginning if you notice back pain, or suffer from back pain now and then.

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If you want to find out if your hemorrhoid is causing you back pain, you should know hemorrhoids and its kinds.
There are Two types of hemorrhoid :
Signs and nature of Internal hemorrhoids:

hen you go to toilet look carefully for blood on toilet tissue or blood with stools in the bowl. You may find the blood at the bottom of the bowl or comode. Internal hemorrhoids though exist and take place inside the body, its signs and repercussions are however, seen outside the body. Small blood veins around anus get swollen and form hemorrhoids. Sometimes the veins get more swollen and look like bags and pop outside the anal route. When the stools gush through the bowel pathway, it crushes the hemorrhoid sags and causes bleeding.

Hemorrhoids are very bad health problems, if not cured timely these can lead to deadlier diseases.

Signs and nature of Internal hemorrhoids:
External hemorrhoid is a more serious form of hemorrhoid. In this case, you lose even more blood than you lose in case of internal hemorrhoids.
In case of external hemorrhoids, blood gets clotted. When you suffer from internal hemorrhoid, you find blood spots on your tissue or with your stool. But in case of external hemorrhoid, you lose plenty of blood as blood flows in a lot amount.

Is Hemorrhoid the cause of Back Pain?

Sometimes external Hemorrhoids may cause excessive bleeding which may lead to tiredness, lack of physical strength, vulnerability, and lower back pain. However, the link between hemorrhoids and back pain is not yet scientifically proven.

Rectal bleeding may lead to different diseases like
Colon cancer, rectal cancer etc which may however cause side effects that may include back pain and other symptoms. Prolonged and continuous loss of blood in normal situation can be dangerous to health and lead to physical vulnerability and loss of control over one’s body.

So hemorrhoids, in all situations should be cured and you should consult the doctor immediately if you pass blood with stools.

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