I get many emails with the question like ” how much can hemorrhoids bleed ?”

I will  try to answer here …

Painless bleeding is one of the major symptoms of hemorrhoid. This type of bleeding occurs when there are bowl movements. You might found red blood in toilet tissue or in toiletimage for article how much can hemorrhoids bleed

  • In the case of internal hemorrhoid, the location of the hemorrhoid is inside the rectum area. Normally one can’t feel or see it. And it normally doesn”t cause uneasiness. But hemorrhoid soft surface break or damage to cause bleeding when hard stool passes through the rectum which strains or irritate.
  • In the case of external hemorrhoid, it stays under the skin around the anus. Blood comes out of this type of hemorrhoids when this is irritated by hard stool. This can be painful and irritating when blood stored and clot in external hemorrhoid area after bleeding.

How much is too much bleeding

Huge blood loss may cause anemia, that’s mean one will have not enough red blood buy cheap cialis online cells to keep his or her body healthy. And this Anemia may bring weakness or fatigue.

You should seek emergency care If you find your bleeding become uncontrollable or if you are losing a huge amount of blood and you feel lightheaded. If you faint or feel dizzy you should take emergency help.

But you should note that …

  • All rectal bleeding is not caused by hemorrhoid, so consult your doctor not just assume
  • If you r stool color is black, tarry or maroon, blood mixed or clots with the stool, you consult with your doctor as soon as possible. This type of bleeding indicates that there may problem in your digestive tract.

Note: Source of above info comes from MayoClinic, a leading health website.

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