5 Common symptoms of hemorrhoids !

most common Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a medical condition wherein the blood vessels found in the rectal tissues become inflamed and swollen. Medical experts classify hemorrhoids into two types: internal and external.

symptoms of hemorrhoids depend on what type is present. Patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids typically have painless bleeding in the rectum while those suffering from external hemorrhoids experience pain around the anus.

Of the many symptoms of hemorrhoids  – here are some of the most common sign of hemorrhoids are given below


Pain is the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids . Patients usually experience pain around the anal area when they walk, stand and sit.


Patients who have this medical condition generally have swollen rectal veins caused by pressure and friction during defecation. Some of the other known causes of swelling include obesity, carrying/lifting heavy load and pregnancy.

Loosened Hemorrhoid Tissues

This is commonly experienced by patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids. This is typically caused by their prolonged straining in which the anal muscles are stressed during defecation.


One of the most common hemorrhoids symptoms is rectal tissue bleeding. The blood seen from patients who have hemorrhoids is bright red. Black or dark red blood, on the contrary, may indicate some other digestive ailment.

Burning and Itching

Internal hemorrhoids usually start with a burning and itching feeling around the anal area. A lot of patients may also experience a diaper rash-type infection.

Appearance of Hemorrhoids

Many patients are alarmed when they feel the hemorrhoids during washing the area around their rectum. A lump may be felt when patients have external hemorrhoids. Prolapsed hemorrhoids, on the other hand, appear like a bunch of grapes that form inside the anal area. During defecation, they may be loosened and can come out.

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