what exercise is good for hemorrhoid? exercise after hemorrhoid surgery. 

If you are a hemorrhoid patient and have had surgery then this article is exactly for you. Some exercises are good for post hemorrhoid surgery condition. These exercises help you heal properly by regulating your blood flow through the rectum and anal veins. So, would you like to know, what exercise is good for hemorrhoid? In this article, we discussed the exercise after hemorrhoid surgery.
Your post hemorrhoid surgery condition is different than your normal health condition. You need a modified exercise and exercise routine after your hemorrhoid surgery because your regular exercise and routine are not suitable for your post-surgery health condition. A modified exercise will help and suit your health after you have had a hemorrhoidectomy, transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD) or PPH procedure.
Post hemorrhoid surgery situation is not risky and it can even be safe to resume your regular workout routine (except for those heavyweight exercises).
It is always recommendable to consult your physician first when you should resume your regular work out routine. You need to continue your workout (modified) to keep your blood circulation good after your hemorrhoid surgery and keep you fit.

What exercise is good for hemorrhoid?  

Exercise after hemorrhoid surgery


So, what exercise is good for hemorrhoid? Right after your hemorrhoid surgery, your body is not okay for the regular exercises. So, here we will discuss the exercises after hemorrhoid surgery that are suitable for your physical condition.

After your hemorrhoid surgery you can continue these exercises: 
Walk: So, what exercise is good for hemorrhoid? Walking is one. As you already know, walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercises. It is an easily accessible exercise that does not require you to go to the gym. It is one of those easiest and safest form of exercises that keep you healthy and fit without having you go through lots of hassles and hustles.
Consult your colorectal surgeon, when he/ she okays, start to walk and walk as it suits your health and hemorrhoid condition. Walking 20 to 30 minutes will help the blood circulation in your body and through your rectal veins. 
Kegel: What exercise is good for hemorrhoid? Kegel exercise is one of the easiest and the most effective exercises for the hemorrhoid patients that help proper blood circulation through the anal veins. You can Perform Kegel exercises by contracting the anal muscles and holding for five seconds. Doing this exercise for five times a day and repeating will help the proper blood circulation in your rectal veins after the hemorrhoid surgery. 
Light exercises & yoga: Heavy exercises, strength training, and other activities that might hurt your anal condition after your hemorrhoid surgery are prohibited. To make 

your muscles flexible, you can do light exercises and improve your range of motions with stretching. Besides, you can also try the other activities that help your muscle flexibility.
What exercise is good for hemorrhoid? Yoga is a lightweight form of exercise which helps you breathe properly, also facilitates proper blood circulation in your body. It also helps boost your body strength and flexibility. Learning yoga can be helpful for you to a great extent. A professional Yoga trainer can help you regarding this matter. 
After having hemorrhoid surgery your body is not ready for heavy and strenuous activities and exercises for a certain amount of time. It is always recommendable to talk to your Colorectal surgeon and ask him/her and act according to the prescription. Ask the surgeon when you can resume your exercises and activities. Also, ask about exactly which exercises you are able to continue and which you are not, after your hemorrhoid surgery.

 Exercise to avoid after hemorrhoid surgery: 

  • Heavy lifting: Heavy lifting you must not practice after your hemorrhoid surgery. If you are a regular gym goer and/or you do the heavy lifting, you must restrain for certain period of time and consult your colorectal surgeon about when your body will be ready to lift heavy weight. 
  • Weightlifting: Some works will require you to lift weight at the workplace (store works, warehouse picking, packing, shipping etc). After hemorrhoid operation, you are not able to lift weight for certain period of time. Lifting weight will put pressure on your anus and will cause hemorrhoid tear up or worsen your post-surgery situation. So, avoid weight lifting. 
  • Running: After the hemorrhoid operation, your body is not okay for running. If you are a regular jogger or runner, you must consult your colorectal surgeon. Ask him/her for proper suggestions on when you can resume your regular running.

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In the above article, we emphasized on the exercises you can continue after hemorrhoid operation. Also, we mentioned exercises you should avoid after hemorrhoid operation. For example, running you must avoid after hemorrhoid operation. It can deteriorate your condition severely. At the same time, yoga, walking and light exercises will facilitate your blood circulation and will improve your hemorrhoid condition. you can read more about venapro a hemorrhoid solution here.

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