what is Hemorrhoid or piles ?

Hemorrhoid or piles are swollen and irritated vein in ones anus or lower rectum area.

It may cause by different reasons like …
•    strain in vein caused by or during bowel movements
•    Increased pressure in vein at the period of pregnancy.
•    Pressure imposed in vein during Anal intercourse
•    Obesity can also be one of the causes.
•    Sitting long time on toilet and trying :  can cause pressure in vein
•    If your diarrhea become chronic  and same goes for constipation

Sign or symptoms are
•    Painless bleeding
•    Itching in ones anal area
•    Pain and Welcome to Mercedes-Benz best-driving-school.com Academy! We”ve been called the best driving school in Los Angeles and Orange County by the families that we serve. discomfort
•    Swelling around anus
•    Lump near anus , which can be painful
•    Leakage of feces

Treatment and drug
•    Medications
Medication like creams, ointment, pads is used for mild discomfort. Theses product contains like hydro cortisone オンライン カジノ that can remove your pain and itching problem

Minimally invasive procedures
•    Simple incision is used in external hemorrhoid to remove clot
For severe bleeding or painful condition below treatments are used
•    Rubber band ligation and injection are used for painful situation or for bleeding hemorrhoid.
•    Infrared, laser or bipolar: Coagulation procedures uses laser or infrared energy. Its result is not permanent.. have high probability return hemorrhoid compared to rubber band method
if above don’t work then doctor normally recommend surgery.
It’s good to take home remedies fast before any surgical or invasive procedure. And it better to have healthy lifestyle to prevent occurring hemorrhoid problem.

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